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Christ is first and ALL. I've been on the field, Pro.  I've been behind the wall, Con.

Now I'm back from the grave of failure with #iCONVICTION (click above).

"depth of character determines length of influence"


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"i invite YOU in": PERFECT in CHRIST
Mon, Jul 6th @ 6:30am
Ever heard the saying, “I’m not perfect.” I hope so, because if you’re human than you probably used it. But that’s not the excuse I’m offering today. Not when you know the root of such a saying can be an excuse for the absence of accountability.

Please allow me to explain. When I was in prison, we ran a Bible study on my tier. This fellowship time was not only the pulse of the housing unit, but it was also the bulls- eye of those who didn’t attend. Many would sit on the outskirts listening, curious about the mechanisms of a Bible study. Some would sit secluded in their areas ignoring the content being shared, but still aware of.....
Sat, Jul 4th @ 6:30pm
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed" (John 8:36).

Independence isn't a day, it's a Person. And it's only in the Declaration of Jesus where true life, liberty, and happiness actually pursues you.
the "I" ABOVE the CLOUD
Fri, Jul 3rd @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: We trust the iCloud more than we trust the great "I" who created the clouds. God will more than wirelessly back you up when you run out of emotional space. Actually, He will gladly share Himself in order to demonstrate His amazing grace.
"i invite YOU in": JOURNAL, MARCH 2010
Thu, Jul 2nd @ 6:30am
--journal, March 2010, from prison--

How can we ever possibly think this life is hard compared to what Jesus went through? Fully God and fully human. He felt everything we feel, yet lived without sin. Jesus left his home in heaven to live on earth. He experienced the eternal pleasures of His kingdom, yet he decided to take on the discomfort of our slums, for what? For God so loved the world (John 3:16). And all we have to do is believe in Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. He already did the hard stuff. Born human, but all God. Sinless, but among sinners; deserving of constant praise and adoration, but received insults and blaspheming tongues; could have ascended.....