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the STORY of a SCAR
Mon, Mar 13th, 6:30am

I have an ugly scar, but I have made the commitment not to hide it because of how Jesus decided to use His scars. You see, Jesus bears His scars too—even to the point of honoring the apostle Thomas’ disbelieving response in His resurrection from the dead. Jesus did so by exposing His gaping wounds as proof of what He did and Who He is; Fully Man to die to the grave and fully God to rise and to save.

However, my sin not only caused my scar, but it also contributed to the scars that Jesus humbly wears. Nonetheless, because of God's grace, we don't have to hide our scars. And because of His grace, His scars are in fact covering ours. By His stripes we are healed.

You see, every scar has a story to tell. In order for the wound to heal, the original scab should not be picked at. Like the prison experience of my past, the scab is the protective healing agent that covers the wound. The scabbing must be allowed to have its way without interference so that the wound beneath may resolve itself, well below the surface, in order for the flesh to be built back up properly for useful service.

Eventually the scab falls off, and leaves behind the scar. The scar serves as a testimonial of past pain, present healing, and future purpose. Our scars—every single one of them: big or small, deep or topical—have a monumental reason in our lives. At the very least, they teach us that healing is possible. Like Doubting Thomas, people will see our scars and believe that delivery from their wounds, their pain, and their shame is possible. Again, let your scars tell your story as a way to help somebody else get through their agony.

So I will continue to expose my scar as the means to help other people know it is possible to survive a fall. My scar may be ugly to many, but I thank God that He sees it as a story for His glory.