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Mon, Apr 10th, 6:00am

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, so consider this! Palms are one of the only trees that do not rely on outward conditions for inward stability. They survive in environments with overwhelming heat. Their reinforced bark bends with hurricane winds. Internally, they stay nourished by their root systems ability to draw solely and fully from that which is within the earth. Palm trees stay “blessed” inward regardless of the stressed conditions outward. Ultimately, a palm tree stands strong even when it’s raining nails!

So what was Palm Sunday really about?  The palm leaves placed on the road as Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey were symbolic to the victory that would be accomplished a week later—Christ’s victory over death.  He was making a public statement, which fulfilled scripture, but also showed that He was the King and Messiah spoken of by the prophets.  Usually a conquering king would enter into his city with a procession of his men, and the people of the city would wave palm branches in honor of victory to the king and his kingdom.

Jesus entry was contrary to the way the people wanted it, but was the exact WAY the Father willed it.  The people still waved palm branches, but they did not understand why Jesus was not claiming the earthly throne.  So they celebrated on this day shouting “save now,” only to yell a week later, “crucify now.”  

The mark and meaning of these palm strands, placed in Jesus’ path by our hands, were pointing to the mark and meaning of the wounds in the palm of Christ’s hands, nailed into Jesus’ on the cross by our hands.  A tongue twister, I know.  Read it again.  But in simplified form:  From the mark of the palm to leaving a mark on His palm.  Victory!

Victory was declared as He entered the city, and victory was established as He hung for the city.  Palm Sunday points to the Kingdom come and the Father’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Now consider the palm tree and His palms nailed to a tree– and re-read the opening paragraph again! God is good.