November 6th, 2017
With yet another senseless tragedy, I know it is easy to become fatigued by sympathy. I mean, you cannot turn on the news these days without bad news dominating our eyes and ultimately creating anger, angst, or apathy within our hearts. Yet for the individual who calls them-self a "Christian," we must remember how Jesus said "in this world you will experience tribulation." 

I know there are so many hurting, so many suffering, with so much pain and not enough soothing. And with that being duly noted, I must ask, "Where are the concerned Christians? Where are the avenues of hope that the hurting need to feel in order to heal?" 

I am the way I am because I know the tears from causing tragedy. Tears that softened my heart, which has allowed me to understand empathy. Excuse me for caring, for challenging you to check your bearing.  I never thought it would be possible to feel someone else’s hurt, but that’s because my heart was never torn. It was only hard. Want to know how a hard heart gets soft? It shatters after falling into your toes from the unexpected becoming the very reason you are now introspected. Tragedy. Affliction. Adversity. Trouble.

Yet God trusts us with trouble to show those around us that He is the only triumph in the trouble. He recycles what we fumbled. He re-works for good what we made oh so bad. I know the comfort of God, but only by the discomfort of going away from God. The paradox of heavenly care. 

But back to my point. This world is already fallen so don't contribute to its stumble. We may not know "why" a tragedy happens but we still need to see the purpose of struggle. It's so that God can make us into capable comforters. Therefore, be in this world but never of it. And with the hope of God, help others rise above it. 
"@mattmaherstory 's presentation today was literally priceless. I truly feel bad for anyone who wasn't listening"
@papa_jared Pennsauken High School