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When in a RelationSHIP with Jesus
Your life may begin to take on water, but when you are in a relationSHIP with Jesus, you will not go under. "For He is the Lord who sat enthroned at the flood, and He is the Lord who sits as King forever” (Psalm 29:10).
The World Sees a Shameful Scar --> God Sees a Useful Story
It is most remarkable that out of all the ways Jesus could have shown Himself to His disciples after His resurrection, one of the ways He chose was to deploy His wounds. He found it necessary to show them “His hands and His side” as the evidence of His presence.
Missing Jesus by a Trial
The more we miss Him drawing nearer to us, the more we miss what it is He is trying to do for us. More often than not, we miss Jesus by a trial. We don’t see what He’s trying to do because we are too focused on what He’s not doing.
The Power of Posture
Our body position reveals our hearts condition. And in return, our outward posture shapes our hearts temperature.
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Not only does the door of eternity swing upon the answer to this question, but the window of your identity opens or closes based on the answer to this question.
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