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For God So Loved _YOU_
Jesus didn’t come to establish a religion, He came to rapture hearts (a fresh look at John 3:16).
The Butterfly: From Worm-like to Word-like
If the heart doesn't change, life will not change. Jesus is the only ONE who can transform the heart.
The Law of His Creature: the Eagle vs. the Seagull
“The unique purpose of your influence is discovered in the source of your pulse: As felt, so follow.”
Putting Restlessness to Rest
God wants to place restlessness under arrest and replace it with His rest. He wants to take anxiety into custody and make His peace your security. So let Him overwhelm you with His liberty by letting go of what's giving you over to worry.
UNDIVIDED: Heart & Home
If the devil can divide our hearts, he can divide our homes.
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