July 16th, 2017
My hearts desire is to be the best husband, father, brother, son, and leader I can be.  And that is only possible by having Jesus in me. I want to be HIS man!  I’m not ashamed of that name, and those who are, well, I’ve already played well their game. Trying to impress others with worldly things, how about being impressible by having the Word within?

Going out and drinking, only to wake up thinking. Playing the field only to end up with a thicker shield. And I’m not talking about the Trojan Man, but about a defense mechanism of self-preservation that only leads to more rejection. Devaluing your worth because you think the worth of yourself is found in somebody else. A vicious cycle that will always leave you washed up and damper, like laundry that you left in the hamper.

I’m telling you what I know from mastering the game at everyone's expense and even my own. There is nothing satisfying in the world—wine, woman, wealth—such pursuits will only lead to immoral health. Conversely, a real man is determined to be HIS man.  Where the “H” stands for (h)umility, which isn’t denying your strengths, but being honest about your weaknesses. Greatness is tied into humility, not personality. 

And after the “H” of humility is discovered as HIS quality, then comes the “I” which translates into (i)ntegrity. You see, a worldly man lacks integrity, not because he is dishonest, but how can you be unimpaired in decision, when it comes from non-biblical vision? Exactly!  

And finally, to be HIS leader is to have the “S” dictate your maturity meter. Your level of influence and truth of identity can only be found in your (s)pirituality.  Without the counsel and referee of God’s Spirit, what type of advice are you hearing?  What type material are you learning?  What type of guidance defines your going?  And what type of character can possibly be flowing?

The worldly man is the totaled man—wrecked—but HIS man is the total man—salvaged.  The total man is one who takes a stand for more than his own two feet. One who raises his own hands for more than a round of shots to the clubs beats. HIS man stands for HIM and HIS man raises hands to HIM--Not for what God will give, but because of what God did: Sacrifice!

What is the conclusion of the matter-at-hand?  Well, I have a relentless passion to be HIS man, produced by a humbling realization of how wrecked I was outside of Him and how grateful I am for being salvaged because of Him. And the matter-at-hand matters because of HIS hands. Scarred to prove I am worthy to be HIS, and showed to the “Thomas in me” as a reminder that this world is not all there is.
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