November 20th, 2017
You can choose to be a victim in life or you can choose to claim victory in life, but you cannot do both. "And this is the victory that has overcome the world--our faith" (I John 5:4). To choose or not to choose such faith boils down to an attitude--whether we allow our circumstances to define us, which causes us to give up; or whether we allow our circumstances to refine us,which happens when we give it up to God.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM.”  Everything that we face in life leaves us with an important choice and that decision (in that moment) is the single most important choice, as well as the most important weight bearing-factor that you control. That choice can mean the difference between being abused by your circumstances or being enthused in your circumstances. That weight-bearing factor either holds you up as you “give it up” or folds you down as you “give up.” 

You can watch the story unfold into misery or you can continue to write it out for God's glory. You see, it’s not about what happens to you in life, but how you respond to what happens to you. Personally, I refuse to have “just a story” because my faith is not finished writing my future and God is not finished infusing my faith. I have learned that with enthusiasm (Gk. En Theo = "full of God") and faith, we have the ability to claim victory from the beginning, regardless of not knowing the end. Why? Because God is the one that see's the end from the beginning; and before we even enter an affliction, God is not only with us in the journey, but He is already there at the destination. 

Again, each and every circumstance we encounter in life comes with a decision. And the attitude we choose, though it may be the only factor we control, is the first factor and choice that holds any weight in the situation. The choice is yours! Your situation may not be fair--but you can choose to complain in the wrong or you can choose to maintain to be strong!

We all have the same opportunity for victory because it is a personal decision that begins with enthused faith. I choose to be enthused and I will continue to write my story in faith and I will continue to talk much about God's amazing grace. Therefore, keep giving it up to God and let Him be the one who shows Himself strong....through you, because you made the decision to be used by Him. 
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"I'd rather stand alone with Jesus than sit in a crowd without Him."
- Matthew Maher