"Hi Matt, Thanks for speaking at our Methodist Church in Collingswood this past Sunday. You are definitely showing God's light in this fallen world. Don't lose your passion for the message you bring especially to the young people. This world needs many more like you who are willing to be the "thermostat." God Bless you always!"
Michelle Collingswood, NJ

Matthew is the President of Soldiers For Faith Ministries, a national ministry that is focused on calling the sinner to salvation and grace in Jesus Christ, while also charging the believer to stand courageously for their faith. Soldiers For Faith Ministries is dedicated to godly influence and Gospel impact through their various operations.   


We are a ministry that calls the sinner to salvation and grace; while also charging the believer to stand courageously for their faith. 


We facilitate godly influence and evangelize the Gospel with the MINISTRY of OUTREACH:
Special Events & Speaking Engagements

We educate, equip, and empower through the MINISTRY of DISCIPLESHIP:
“Call To Arms” Call-In Conference Bible Studies

We reach the masses with spiritually sound and purposefully practical content through the MINISTRY of MEDIA:
Soldiers For Faith TV - Social Media Platforms - Devotionals & Documentaries

We distribute hope and comfort with the MINISTRY of ENCOURAGEMENT:
Hope for the Broken-Hearted