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Mon, May 1st, 6:00am

Charles Spurgeon once said, “a Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” This profound quote not only challenges us to examine our own Bible's condition, but even more importantly, to evaluate the level of our own personal devotion. The meaning of the quote may not be true across the board, but by and large, it is usually a well-worn and greatly used Bible that is held by a "it is well with my soul" and greatly used person. 

I think about a thick brown Bible that my mother had when I was a child. It was so beat up, with pages hanging out and the seams falling apart. I used to wonder why my mother wouldn't just get a "new" Bible. I didn't know how well she got to know the Author through that book. I didn't know how profitable and rich she had become, with my father, through spending so much time in God's heart. Because one day, they would need to know that the heart of God can be trusted and that He is always good even when the outcome from their perspective wasn't good.

You see, within 3 years and 3 months, my parents would lose their oldest son to death and their youngest son would be responsible for somebody elses death. These outcomes from their perspective did not look good nor did they feel good. But because my parents were already pursuing what was profitable for their faith, not their feelings, they had "room to breathe" in the midst of suffocating situations. How did their faith find oxygen? Well, but by the breath of God alone, which is in God's Word alone. 

In Second Timothy 3:16, it is written, “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” The word inspiration in Greek means, “God-breathed.” In other words, when we get into the Bible, it is God’s breath that is able to get into us. His Word in us gives us “room to breathe” (which is one definition of the word salvation) no matter how claustrophobic certain circumstances may be. The verse then tells us that, “all Scripture is profitable for doctrine (teaching), reproof (conviction), correction (restoration), and instruction in righteousness (direction).”

With such an opportunity for profitable deposits to our lives and souls, afforded to us in the Bible, one must wonder why we don’t pursue the Word with the same passion that we tend to pursue the things of this world. You see, the richest man in the world is not the one with the most gold, but the one who hears from God. And it is the individual in God’s Word that is able to hear from God's heart. But not only hears from God's heart, but is empowered to stand strong in this faltering world. And even more personally, that person who spends time with the Author of the profitable Word will be able to remain held together through any weather because they know the hand of the Author is holding everything together by the Word of His power. 

With all that being said, and considering the quote in the beginning, the question is: are we looking more like the world in our flesh or are we looking more like the Word made flesh? (John 1:14). Perhaps you don’t know where to start in this process. I’d say start right where you know God is waiting: in the Word, where His breath can get into your lungs, encompass your spirit, and inspire your life.