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Mon, May 8th, 6:00am

John 3:16! I know you know it because it is one of the most recited, googled, and memorized verses in the entire Bible. It can be seen in the backdrop of some of the largest sporting events as a sign or even etched on fans as face-paint (inspired by Tim Tebow of course). I mean, even nonbelievers know something about John 3:16, maybe not by memory, but most likely by summary. Yet for the believer, has the familiarity of this verse caused the potency of its truth to be desensitized? 

You see, the church-at–large can certainly quote this verse to the world corporately, but what would happen if every believer understood the implications of this verse personally? What would the world look like if every true believer personalized this verse, internalized this verse, and therefore actualized this verse?

I am convinced that if Christians actually believed that God gave us His best-- even when we were at our absolute worst (Romans 5:8), then this level of love would turn our homes, our communities, and our worlds right-side up-- something we so desperately need in an upside down world.

John 3:16-17 exemplifies the love of God that He expressed to the world and embodies His desire that every person is free to experience it. This truth shouldn’t just be mindlessly quoted or printed on signs, it should be imprinted heavily on our hearts, that our lives may reflect the love of God to a dying world. Yes, the world is dying and only the love of God in Jesus can lead to its rising; for a dying world needs a living Lord.

Again, God sent His Son, not to come down on us, but to reach down to us and pull us out of the quicksand of sin. 

That's the Gospel. Now let it ignite within you a personal revival!