October 9th, 2017
Life is like a photo and how you live is the picture that is displayed. Some live for the selfie--to be the main focus--while others live in light of the picture frame, which represents the love of Jesus. Track with me please: Because if the picture frame is the love of Jesus, then the reason to change holds us.  It surrounds us.  It completely and irreversibly captures us.  And like a snap shot, this picture frame deserves a second look.  A studied look.  

Yet too many people only focus on the picture in the frame, completely missing the "sustaining power" behind the frame holding the picture. 

It is certain that after development comes display.  Meaning, once the picture develops fully, it can be displayed proudly. However, before the picture can be seen for what it is, it must first be captured by Light, be developed in the darkness, and then held by the strong sides of the frame.  So what's that got to do with you?

Well, ever wonder how a polaroid picture works?  Film that is coated with light sensitive salts and chemicals is kept in darkness.  When the shutter to the camera opens, light floods in and whatever is seen in the light at that moment is captured to the film. However, it quickly returns to darkness so it is not overexposed. Finally, it slowly but surely comes in clearly as a picture that can be displayed and properly framed.

And with that metaphor, it is sadly certain that the films of many remain dark, not because they have not taken any pictures, but in order for this process to work, light has to pour in. You see, it’s the light that prints to the films darkness and eventually overcomes the darkness of the film. It's the Light that is impactful and it is the Light that makes the development process most beautiful.

Transformation in Christ works the same way because it is crucial to be still in the midst of the darkness of life as you change by the One True Light. Because God wants your life to be seen like a picture--as a clear representation of Jesus your Savior. 

So know this: His light changes you and His love holds you so that His life may be seen in you. 
"@mattmaherstory Still inspired and encouraged by you story, shared many weeks ago. Thanks for being passionate about Jesus!"
@KSmithFoundHere Boston, MA
"I'd rather stand alone with Jesus than sit in a crowd without Him."
- Matthew Maher